Artist Statement

Using acrylic paint, water-colour, collage and pencil her work explores power, evolution, nature, and landscape. The artist uses a variety of mediums to articulate her thoughts and feelings including but not limited to these things.
Sophie studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and has since exhibited her work internationally, with recent shows in both London and New York.
Describes self as: ’Maid of all works for efficient processing of junk, external and internal, through line and colour’
More succinctly described as mixed media congealer of compositions dealing with Power, Evolution, Sex, Death, Englishness, Puddings, Nature, Prehistory, Witches, Trees, Menial labour, Stately homes.
Emphasis on strong drawing skills collaged with layers of textures and super-natural hues.
The thread that unites all this is a struggle to illuminate uncomfortable mental furniture and rearrange it.
You still bark your shins against the corners, but at least it’s in ‘pretty colours’, and you can see it from ‘a different angle’.

Sophie Iremonger is represented online by Rise art: